MYOG – Leather Notebook Cover


See attached template:

leather-notebook-cover-template-a4 – A4 size – print normally at 100%

leather-notebook-cover-template-letter – US Letter – print normally at 100%

Notes –

 This notebook cover is designed to hold 2 x 3.5 inch x 5.5 inch notebooks such as Field Notes, Moleskine Caheir, J Burrowes, ADF Security Notebooks and others of the same size.

It is made from leather. The notebooks are secured within the cover by use of elastic shock cord. A loop of the same elastic shock cord is also used to keep the notebook cover shut. The notebook cover has a riveted-on pen/pencil loop which is entirely optional. The notebook cover includes a thin string bookmark which is also entirely optional.

Note that this document and the template are copyright. © Craig Brown, 2016. Commercial reselling of this template is prohibited. There are no restrictions on using the template to make your own versions of the notebook cover for commercial sale. League of Bushmen supports makers.


  • Leather – 215mm x 150mm (main cover)
  • Leather – 52mm x 28mm (pen/pencil loop)
  • Shock cord – 350mm of 2mm elastic shock cord (notebook holders and closure loop)
  • Thread – 1mm linen or bamboo thread (bookmark)
  • Rivet – Copper Rivet and Burr (affixes pen/pencil holder to cover)



  • Cutting surface
  • Stanley knife or box cutter
  • Hole punch
  • Sharp scissors
  • Rivet setter
  • Mallet



  • Rag
  • Neatsfoot oil, saddle soap, dubbin or shoe polish



  1. Print out the template page at 100% on the paper size noted at the beginning of this document. Cut to shape.
  2. Trace the shapes onto the flesh side of the leather lightly with a pencil.
  3. Cut out the shape with a Stanley knife or heavy duty sharp scissors.
  4. Punch the six holes with a hole punch or small drill bit (slowly)
  5. Thread the shock cord through the holes as follows, starting with the flesh side of the cover facing you:
    1. Thread the first piece of shock cord out through the top hole them back in through the one below it.
    2. Filp the cover around so the bottom two holes are now at the top and repeat.
    3. Tie the two ends of the shock cord together using a reef knot.
    4. Repeat with the second piece of shock cord
  6. Take the third (shorter) piece of shock cord and tie the ends together using a thumb knot or a Figure of 8 knot (preferred). Thread the loop through the hole in the centre of the left side of the cover.
  7. Cut out the pen/pencil holder
  8. Punch the two holes in the pen/pencil holder
  9. Affix the pen/pencil holder to the back cover of the leather notebook cover using a rivet.
  10. Wipe down the outside of the leather notebook cover with neatsfoot oil, saddle soap, dubbin or shoe polish to help seal it from any rain or spills.
  11. Insert the notebooks. Open the notebook to the middle page and slip it through one of the large shock cord loops. Do the same with a second notebook.
  12. Insert a cut down pencil into the pen/pencil holder
  13. Slip the small shock cord loop over the closed cover. If it is too loose, then adjust the loop to make it shorter and try again.

Finished. Good Luck and please reply with your finished cover/s!

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