Ration Packs Part 3 -Back Country Cuisine Adventure Ration Pack


This is a military style ration pack but instead of the pouches of sloppy food found in the others described in this series of posts, this one includes three back country cuisine freeze dried food packs (typically two normal single serve meals and a porridge or muesli).

It also includes a whole heap of snacks and sundries, from biscuits and chocolate candies to drink powder. It is pretty much the equivalent of a Hunger Buster Meal Pack, but with freeze dried main meals which make it lighter and a better choice for bushwalking than any of the other packs described in this series of posts. Net weight of one of these packs is around 800g.

These can be ordered in by any place which stocks and sells Back Country Cuisine freeze dried meals. Expect to pay about $50 a pack, but they can be had cheaper if you look around. I bought two off http://www.snowys.com.au the other day for $35 each with free postage and I had them two days later. These are the best value military-style ration packs I have found, but since they can be expensive, it definitely pays to shop around.


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