Ration Packs Part 4 – 24 Hour Hunger Buster Combo Ration Pack

Hungerbuster 24-Hour Ration Pack. This one has a Chicken Italiano main meal.

These are sold as army style ration packs and indeed they are. Most of the components are identical to those found in the NZ Defence Force ORPs (24 hour Operational Ration Packs), but the Hungerbuster packs only contain about 2/3rd the amount of tucker as the Kiwi rat packs. Compare them to Aussie CR1M rations and you’ll also find a lot of the exact same items as well. Australia and NZ have an agreement where a mix of Aussie and NZ food goes into each country’s ration packs.

As you can see, there’s enough for three basic meals, but if you were burning hard calories out in the boonies, one of these packs wouldn’t be enough.

Highlights of the Hungerbuster packs are the main meal slop-in-a-bag meals, which are made by the same factory that produces the slop-in-a-bag meal pouches for the Aussie army rat packs. The concentrated dehydrated fruit bar is a fave of mine. I’ve seen it in Aussie CR1Ms as well. It’s just a massive, dense chunk of rolled up and flattened fruit leather. It’s probably the equivalent of eating a kilo of fresh fruit. I enjoy the muesli too, having had it in CR1M’s in the past – add water, stir and eat it straight out of the bag. Very convenient.

The Hunger Buster Meals are quite expensive, at around $50 a pack, but their availability is very good. They use slop-in-a-bag meals like the Aussie and US rations, and they don’t have as much food as an Aussie CR1M pack, so you’d have trouble spinning one of these out to last longer than 24 hours while still eating three meals. It’s a good minimalist ration for keeping in the boot of the car for opportunistic overnight walks or for emergencies. Personally I don’t think they are very good value. You could make up your own version from equivalent supermarket-sourced components for far less than you’ll pay for a Hungerbuster 24 Hour Ration Pack.



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