We’re the League of Bushmen…and women too!

We’re folks interested in practicing and preserving the old ways of bushgoing, celebrating Australia’s bushman’s heritage by living it. We’re like the old-timey Boy Scouts, but for adults!

We’re friendly and inclusive. All we ask of our members is that they approach us with an enquiring mind and a spirit of adventure.

Here on the website you’ll see info and research about old ways of bushgoing and camping, You’ll see vintage pictures and original pictures of vintage equipment usually accompanied by poorly written and overblown descriptions.

You’ll see trip reports of various adventurous journeys we and others have undertaken using old style gear, along with accompanying pictures.

Occasionally we’ll pimp other folks’ gear, books or services, but we’ll only do this when we think our readers will be genuinely interested. We’re not here to spam you.

Occasionally we’ll sell off our surplus gear or books on a special “Trading Post” page which we haven’t yet created at the time of this writing.

Very occasionally we’ll post details of publicly-accessible League of Bushmen trips, workshops or other events where you can come along and meet the crew and hopefully learn something new.

Come and join us. It’ll be challenging, maybe even confronting at times, but it’ll be a lot of fun!