4WDing Books

4wd4WD Driving Skills: A Manual for On and Off Road Travel by Vic Wildman, 2001

Back in the day, 4WD vehicles were pretty basic. Often they didn’t have a snorkel let alone a 4 inch lift, electric winch and all the other doo-dads you see today. If you got stuck you had to get yourself out with a tirfor hand winch, which was bloody hard work. This made drivers more cautious about the sorts of obstacles they encountered. Today, most recreational 4WDers just plough on through, relying more on modern electric winches and other recovery equipment to get themselves out of trouble than on developing experience and common sense which would see them avoid trouble in the first place. Vic Wildman’s book is a textbook for the serious remote area driver who wants to get from Point A to Point B via Point Z and back again with as few dramas as possible, while getting the most out of their vehicle’s four wheel drive capabilities. Click on the book cover to go to Amazon.com.


Vehicle-Dependent Expedition Guide – Fourth Edition by Tom Sheppard, 2015

Work or pure adventure, every expedition needs planning, selection, training and reliability as its ethos. To forty years’ expeditioning experience has been added a cumulative five years’ concentrated research to produce and later revise this book – shipping, equipment, clothing, fuels, oil, communications, vehicles, driver training and navigation are dealt with, distilled and summarised. This fourth edition, further updated and considerably expanded, is enhanced by contributions from Jonathan Hanson – widely experienced traveller, establishing editor of the US Overland Journal, host to the respected overland-tech-travel website and ever-expanding Overland Expo event in two major US locations. Added to the book also is a detailed study of the genesis of a sensible, exemplar world-travel expedition vehicle – an invaluable contribution, beamed in from Africa (and South America) from tech guru (and gureuse!) Marcus and Julie Tuck. Click on the cover to go to the publisher’s website.