Biographies of Interest

18688294775A Bushman’s Life: An Autobiography by WE Harney, 1990

WE (Bill Harney) was an Aussie bushman who came to prominence in the media in the 1950s through his work as technical adviser on the 1955 film Jeddah. He worked tirelessly to help white Australians understand Indigenous culture through his employment as a guide for various anthropological expeditions into Central Australia as well as his appointment as Northern Territory Protector of Aborigines. Bill Harney was later the first ranger of Ayers Rock (now Uluru). He was a cattle duffer, WWI Digger, miner and drifter whose life was remarkable for the amount of tragedies he suffered, but came out smiling. Click on the cover to go to

man-arltungaMan From Arltunga: Walter Smith, Australian Bushman by RG Kimber, 1986

Walter Smith was a cameleer, prospector and bushman in the Northern Territory in the first half of the 20th Century. Part Aboriginal, we was fluent in several Indigenous languages. He was also a cattle rustler and ran with a mob of bushrangers on the goldfields. His story crosses with that of Harold Lasseter and includes a great deal of new material about Lasseter’s demise. It’s also packed with bushman’s skills and knowledge. Click on the cover to go to

splensavA Splendid Savage: The Restless Life of Frederick Russell Burnham by Steve Kemper, 2016

FR Burnham taught Baden-Powell everything he knew about scouting. By scouting I mean proper military scouting and reconnaissance. Born in the US, Burnham learned scouting from a young age during various conflicts with restless native American tribes. Later he would travel to Africa where his scouting skills were put to good use by the British South Africa Company’s Cecil Rhodes during Matabele and Boer wars. Burnham was good friends with Baden-Powell, Rhodes, Selous, Teddy Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Rider Haggard. An amazing story about a complex man, Kemper’s writing is brimming with fieldcraft and scouting know-how from a time before the world was tamed. Click on the cover to go to