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Bushcraft and Survival Books –

10-bushcraft-books The 10 Bushcraft Books by Richard Graves, 1952

This is the original and best. Based on Richard Graves’ WWII service spent training Australian and US army and aircrew in bush and jungle survival. The book also served as the textbook for an outdoor training school which Graves ran from the late 1940s to the mid 1960s. The 10 books in question are: Ropes and Cords, Huts and Thatching, Campcraft, Food and Water, Fire Making, Knots and Lashings, Tracks and Lures, Snares and Traps, Travel and Gear, Time and Distance. Click on the cover image to go to Amazon.com.

the-bushmans-handbookThe Bushman’s Handbook by HA Lindsay, 1948

HA Lindsay was a contemporary of Richard Graves. Both were bushcraft and survival instructors in the army during WWII, in fact Lindsay was the army’s head instructor and personally trained thousands of Aussie Diggers and US soldiers and aircrew in bush survival. Click on the cover image to go to Amazon.com.

survival-wisdomSurvival Wisdom by Rich Hungerford, 2016

Rich Hungerford is an ex-SASR survival (among other things) instructor and currently owns and operates Bushlore Australia, a survival, tracking and bushcraft training organisation in Queensland. Survival Wisdom is a short book, the sole aim of which is to impart that vital knowledge which all the other survival books gloss over – the Survivor’s Mindset. Ever wondered how a completely untrained teenage girl can survive a plane crash in the middle of the South American Jungle and then trek to safety? She had the mindset. This is a self-help book which can be applied to most problem areas of one’s life, not just survival situations. Click on the cover image to go to Amazon.com.

army-survivalManual of Land Warfare Volume 2, Pamphlet No 2, Survival by Australian Army, 1987

You wanted a proper bush survival manual written by the Bush Tucker Man? Well this is as close as you’ll get. This 1980s-era Australian Army survival pam was primarily written by Les Hiddins as part of the Army’s Combat Survival Program to update the previous Vietnam-era Army survival pam which was focused on jungle survival in Southeast Asia. This pam is packed with real-world survival methods with a focus on Indigenous skills and knowledge useful in northern and central Australia. Many of the skills and techniques you see Les Hiddins using and talking about on the Bush Tucker Man TV series are straight out of this pam. Click on the cover image to go to Amazon.com

alivekicknAlive and Kick’n Survival and Rescue by Nick Vroomans and Dave Basham, 2003

Co-authors Nick Vroomans and Dave Basham are former senior instructors at the RAAF’s Combat Survival Training School in Townsville. The book is an easy to read and digest guide for bush and desert survival designed for remote area workers, but is packed with knowledge and wisdom for anyone who ventures off the beaten track. Click on the cover image to go to heimanhabitat.com.au

outbacksurvivalOutback Survival by Bob Cooper, 2012

Legendary survival instructor Bob Cooper has been training military personnel and civilians in Australia and overseas for more than 20 years. This is his first book. Outback Survival combines Bob’s survival skills and knowledge with stories and anecdotes from Bob’s own life which prove the point. Click on the cover image to go to bobcoopersurvival.com or click HERE to buy the book on Kindle.

usfmsurvivalField Manual 3-05.70 Survival by US Army, 2002

FM 3-05.70 Survival was written by US Army Special Forces SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) instructors and was a massive update of the previous US army survival field manual from the 1980s. Packed with workable survival techniques for all terrain and climatic types as well as for sea survival it’s a veritable survival bible. Click on the cover image to go to Amazon.com.

surv-instSurvival Instructor Training Notes by Army Survival Wing

This book is essentially the Army Survival Wing instructor’s course textbook.  There’s heaps of good survival manuals around, but you don’t often see instructor’s manuals like this one. The fact that it’s Australian is a bonus. Click on the cover image to go to Amazon.com.

bush-101Bushcraft 101 by Dave Canterbury, 2014

Dave Canterbury is a former TV survival personality who left in disgrace but went on to establish the Pathfinder School in the US. Although he had previously co-written some outdoor survival books, Bushcraft 101 was his first solo effort. It’s a pretty good read, combining as it does primitive skills, “internet” bushcraft and mountain-man skills. Most here would get something out of it. Click on the cover image to go to Amazon.com.

adv-bushAdvanced Bushcraft by Dave Canterbury, 2015

Another book by Dave Canterbury, this one is a sequel to and expansion of the material found in Bushcraft 101. It’s pretty much the same sort of material you’ll find in Richard Graves’ The 10 Bushcraft Books shown above, but with extra sections on food preservation, working with hides and even some blacksmithing. Not a bad book at all. Incidentally, Dave Canterbury has a new book out. We haven’t seen it yet, so don’t know if it’s any good. Click on the cover image to go to Amazon.com.