Miscellaneous Gear

binosCheap and Nasty Chinese-Made Vintage-style 6×24 Binoculars with Mil Reticle

OK, so they aren’t all that cheap, and they definitely aren’t nasty. These compact binos are a real dark horse – I was expecting junk, but was very pleasantly surprised. Crystal clear, coated optics with a Mil reticle in the right hand tube which allows you to rangefind as well as closely estimate heights, etc. The binos have individual eyepiece focusing too which was nice. A direct replica of some early 20th Century German military binocular, this is a bargain for what you’re getting. Comes with a period-style leather case with shoulder strap, a leather shoulder strap for the binos themselves and a German-style leather eyepiece cover fitted to the strap so when you’re roaring around North Africa in your Panzer you don’t get dust on the eyepieces. Brass finish with a black leatherette wrap.

uk_folding_camp_tableWPG Officer’s Campaign Table

This is a new-made replica of the “X-Table” originally sold by the X Patent Company in England from the 1890s. Light and compact, the table breaks down into two parts – a canvas covered timber slat top, and a timber and metal frame. When broken down the frame is collapsed and the rolled table top wrapped around it and secured with a leather strap. Perfect for a minimalist bush base camp.

bob-cooper-snake-bite-venom-kit_400Bob Cooper Snake Bite and Venomous Creatures Kit

In Australia, the venomous creatures are out and about in the great outdoors in the warmer weather, which incidentally is when most of the people are out and about too. Most negative interactions with our venomous snakes are caused by accidents or misunderstandings, but sometimes, despite having all the situational awareness and commonsense in the world, they can happen. Quick treatment is vital to survival and to help prevent nasty ongoing side-effects, and the use of the Pressure Immobilisation Technique can gain a victim precious hours to get to proper medical treatment. The Bob Cooper Snake Bite and Venomous Creatures Kit performs that task very effectively. Its low cost and compact size makes it easy to carry even in a trouser pocket if need be. Cheap insurance.