Travel – 4WD Swagman – Getting the Army Trailer Back to a Stock(ish) Condition

The “before” pic. The trailer as picked up the evening before this photo was taken.

Being manufactured in 1963, I was surprised that Trailer, Cargo 1/2 Ton, 2 Wheeled, Aust No. 5 – Army Registration Number 101-001 hadn’t been modified more during its service life. Since it was bought at auction by the previous owner in 2015 its biggest modification had been the addition of the civilian 7-pin flat plug to replace the original NATO plug. I don’t mind too much since it fits the socket on the Shorty Forty and saved me having to track down an adapter. I’m glad the previous owner hadn’t chopped and modded this one into a camper trailer or changed the pintle ring.

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Travel – 4WD Swagman – Solving the Shorty Forty Storage Issue with a Trailer

The little short wheelbase Landcruiser has a big problem – storage space. Being a soft top shorty forty, mine has even fewer options for storage than normal – no provision for roof racks for example.

The path of least resistance was to pick up a trailer. Such a trailer would literally only be used to haul camping equipment, so I’m not planning for any roof-top tents, slide-out kitchen units, under-floor water tanks or anything else like that.

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Waltzing Matilda with a swag, Part 1 – Packs and Carry

Welcome to the first in a 10 part series on the “how-to” of bushwalking in the old style with a swag and nosebag.

Each of the ten parts of this series of posts will cover a separate aspect of the gear and how to use it, but keep in mind that there were literally dozens or even hundreds of different configurations. In this series you’ll see the gear I tend to use most often while swaggin’ it. For an exhaustive look at this stuff and the rationale behind it, you’ll need to wait for my soon-to-be-released book On the Wallaby Track: A Swagman’s Handbook . This series of posts is designed to give you nuts and bolts info purely to get people started and out there on the track swaggin’ it in the old style.

Packs and Carry has a broad definition. In this case it refers to:

  • The swag straps and shoulder strap used to carry the wrapped bundle which is the swag roll
  • The nosebag
  • Tucker bags
  • Ditty bags
  • Any belt kit
  • Any haversack

The most important parts of the swag are the straps and the nosebag. Everything else is secondary, even the swag roll itself isn’t as important as the straps used to secure it.

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